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Lone Peak Aviary

We feed our pheasants 16% turkey finisher during the off season.  We also give them fresh fruit and vegetables daily.  We believe that the fruit and veggies helps keep them in top condition and gives them something to do during the day.  We always have fresh, clean water available for the pheasants. 
We believe that to prevent boredom and feather picking, pheasants need something to do. So we landscape our aviaries for the birds.  There are plenty of hiding places and rocks and logs to hop on.  We put horse pasture seed in the spring and let it grow through the summer and fall.  The pheasants seem to really enjoy eating the fresh grass and it helps keep them occupied. 
During the breeding season, we feed our birds Purina pheasant breeder and have lots of fruits and vegetables for them to eat.  We gather eggs three or four times a day to prevent them from being stepped on, eaten, or damaged from the heat.