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Lone Peak Aviary


Welcome to Lone Peak Aviary's website.  Here we hope to share our gamebird raising experiences and help you if you have any questions.

At Lone Peak Aviary, we are dedicated to providing genetically sound gamebirds that are as true to their wild forms as possible.  We believe in correct breeding practices, sharing our knowledge with the public, and helping others become interested in this wonderful family of birds.
We currently raise yellow goldens and hope to add many more pheasants in the future.  Some of the pheasants we plan to add or White-crested Kalij, Impeyans, and Mikados.
Please take a look around our site.  We hope that we can answer any questions you may have.  Enjoy!


This is our yellow golden cock "Jay." He is a 2003 bird and has just started to get his color.


Our yellow golden hen "Kaida."  She is also a 2003 hatch bird and she has many new feathers coming in.

Questions, comments, or concerns?  Contact us at